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Kantar (requires SnapLiveAudioEmbedderSDK.dll and 48 kHz) panel

Watermarking for audience tracking.

This is only useful if this type of tracking is used in the area where you broadcast.

  • Kantar watermarking
    Kantar watermarking.

    Kantar watermarking is not enabled in all Stereo Tool builds and versions. Please use the stand alone Kantar build if you want to use Kantar integration.

    Stereo Tool contains integrated Kantar watermarking. To use it, place your license files (license.lic, license.aud) in the directory from which you're running Stereo Tool (screenshot), typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Stereo Tool, then restart Stereo Tool to read them. After this, the channels that your license covers are selectable under Channel. Kantar embedding currently only works if the sample rate is set to 48 kHz or a multiple thereof (96, 192).

    In order to get a watermarking embedding license, please contact Kantar Media support at with following information:
    • Product name and version
    • Customer name
    • Country
    • If different, country of broadcast
    • Channel(s) to be watermarked
    • Customer internal name for the hardware platform
    • AuthorisationCode for each hardware or login contact for online solution
    The AutorisationCode.txt file can be found in the Stereo Tool directory after installation, and can be regenerated if needed by calling AuthorizationCodeCL.exe in that same directory.

    Kantar log files are created in C:\Users\username\stereo_tool.log. If you rename the Stereo Tool executable, stereo_tool is replaced by that name, so for example for StereoTool1.exe it will be in C:\Users\\StereoTool1.log.

    Running Kantar causes an extra delay in the audio. This delay is equal to the setting under Latency plus the Kantar delay, which is 2048 samples. So, the extra delay when enabling Kantar at 48 kHz is 128.00 ms for Latency 4096, 85.33 for 2048, 64.00 for 1024, 53.33 for 512, 48.00 for 256, 45.33 for 128. Note that turning Kantar on or off causes a jump in time of this magnitude - when turning it on, it inserts a bit of silence, when turning it off, some audio is thrown away.

    Kantar resynchronizes its watermarking time stamp with the Windows system clock at least once a day (when a new day starts), plus whenever the timestamp has an offset to the system clock that exceeds 10 seconds.

  • Channel
    The Kantar Channel Name.

    A license file can contain licenses for multiple channels, so make sure to select the channel that you want to encode for.

    Kantar configuration in Stereo Tool