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The BIMP section

The Built-In Microphone Processor.

The BIMP is a built-in microphone processor, which can be used to replace a hardware microphone processor. It processes the microphone input (at most 2 channels - for now) and then adds it to the main audio.

The BIMP adds NO latency to the normal processing, because it communicates with the filters further down the chain to tell them what's coming, before it's really there yet.

This means that it's possible to have both microphone and normal processing with latencies that can reach below 6 ms - at the very least for the LQ Low Latency, but (if the quality is acceptable) even for the fully processed FM output.

Generic panel

The main settings for The BIMP.

  • Use channels
    Microphone processor channel selection.

    You can choose between only the left or only the right channel of the sound card, or to combine both (after processing - so each microphone is processed separately and then combined with the main signal), or to use stereo input.

  • Post-processing injection level
    Controls how loud the processed microphone signal is added to the main signal.