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Streaming Output section

Sends the audio to a streaming (IceCast) service, or streams directly.

Warning: This uses libVLC. libVLC works, but the MP3 and AAC-codecs are sub-par and should not be used. ogg/Vobris, FLAC, WAVE etc are of course fine and can be used without issues, but for MP3 or AAC streaming we advise to use an external streaming program.

To make this work, VLC Media Player 2 or 3 must be installed. For 32 bit Stereo Tool, 32 bit VLC Media Player must be installed, for 64 bit Stereo Tool, 64 bit VLC Media Player is needed.

Output stream panel

Main streaming settings.

  • Stream via
    Select internal streaming (preferred!) or streaming via libVLC.

    Internal streaming is more stable and sounds better, but for now it supports fewer options.

  • Stream
    Enables streaming via libVLC.

  • Volume
    Sets the output level of the stream.

    You should always leave enough headroom because lossy codecs cause overshoots. How big these are depends on the codec and bitrate. Typically, values between -1 and -2 dB are usually fine.

  • Bitrate
    Selects streaming bitrate.

  • Variable bitrate
    Enables variable bitrate.

  • Maximum bitrate
    Maximum bitrate for Variable bitrate.

  • Vorbis quality
    Quality setting, for when using Vorbis only.

  • Public

  • Meta data (change requires stream restart) panel

    • Name

    • Description

    • Genre

    • URL

    Track data panel

    • Artist

    • Title

    • Song

    • Album

    • Year